Let it fly.

Power trippy bat lover
Baby blue eyeshadow hover
All over her chest
Lays the best songs to rest
Female rising, frosted pink blusher
Stuck in between twilight, so she hovers
Crisp apple mornings, shadows are dawning
Amongst the icicle branches that stroke the crown on passing
Gulping down valium to keep up with the kids
Sleep that caresses untouched eyelids
The nativity scene glows in an unlit church
The churchwarden skulks in the aisles of her perch
A split personality never did anyone any good
Bruised knees never halted covered in blood
So how is this holy in a world full of shit?
My MP3 player churns out glittered hits.
Beckoning forth is a crystalline view
Jasper and carnelian on the throne where its due.
A sea full of emerald rainbow hits in the eyes
Never one to creep as to full of surprise.
I slide away with my cherry glossed lips
The sloe is bitter but never hits the hips.
Gin is for pantries to be brought out in the cold
A song from the robin in winter is told
Why must the battle crush the raspberry in teeth
Just like a starling, the mid-morning weep
I will pretend to be brushing your hair.
Gathering slivers of a soul in despair.
Lower, lower, lower she goes.
All the while baby blue eyeshadow is slicked onto vaselined eyelids.

Meditation and Contemplation?

I was asked what the difference is between meditation and contemplation. I pondered this for some time. I can see how people find it difficult to tell between the two. When the answer came to me, I realised that it is not that difficult at all. It’s really quite simple, as most fundamental truths are. Even Jesus said the gospel message is so simple even a child can understand it.

Meditation is how we let God in, and allow God to speak to our hearts to draw us in closer. Contemplation is to be with God for no other reason, but, to bask in the presence of God. Meditation is how the heart deepens in love for God. Contemplation enjoys that love from God’s perspective, not ours.

It is only by practising contemplation and meditation that we build on our relationship with God. Time spent doing either activity is going to produce fruit. You spend time easily with friends and family, yet some of you struggle to chat with God. A regular time spent talking with God is going to develop your wisdom and discernment. Contemplation or meditation are great tools for doing this.

Use them wisely.



Mindfulness and God.

It’s true. You do not have to hermit yourself away in order to experience the mystical. You can have treasured moments with God right now, whilst you are reading this or doing the dishes. Talk to God, build a conversation. Be mindful. If you do not know what that means it is easy to grasp. It means being totally aware of the moment you are in now. Listening with your heart and feeling with your mind. Just close your eyes for a moment. Now see what you can smell. Can you hear your heartbeat? Can you feel your heartbeat? Can you focus on a colour that is near you? What does the colour taste like? In your mind picture the taste. Can you become aware of your body standing or sitting where you are right now?

Focus in on your breathing. Is it a steady rate? Are you pausing with your breath? Do you have an equal exhale and inhale? The mystical, the secrets for you to experience are all around you in the very mundane. You do not need to go to a friary in order to learn how to *see*.

Ask God for wisdom and discernment. Get to know yourself deeply. Do you know of any pain in your body? What is its message?

If you get to see yourself deeply you will surely see others deeply as well. Above all when you are being mindful, remember to have that conversation with God. Where does God want you to focus? What area of your mind, body, soul needs working upon? needs healing?

The mystical is not always hidden in the unknown but is accessible in the ordinary and mundane.